Response to Megan’s Questions

Re-Thinking In-Line Linking

  1. I somewhat agree to this statement because most people go on the internet for social media sites or to browse. Not many go there to actually take the time to read anything.
  2. The best time to use in-line linking is when you want the viewer to be taken to another site. For example, it is useful for advertising. When the viewer clicks on an ad, they can be taken to their website.
  3. I believe that the most important part of linking is that the link takes the viewer to a location that they want to go to, which is the reason for them clicking on that link.

Irrelevant Pop-Up Ads A Major Irritant to Consumers

  1. I believe that pop up ads are so annoying and distracting because they get in the way. They are interrupting what the person is doing and searching for on the internet. I think it is possible for a company to avoid the distraction if they create a nicely designed ad. It can be placed somewhere that is not in the way, but make it so the viewer will notice and interact with it.
  2. I have been annoyed by pop up ads. I mainly only see them on the internet, however the promo ads that coming in on the bottom of television shows can also count. The ones on television aren’t as distracting because I am still able to see what I am watching. However, the pop up ads on the internet prevent me from seeing what I want without closing them.
  3. I believe that men are more annoyed by irrelevant ads then women are because women tend to find them more intriguing and are more interested in them than men are.

 Interactive Media as a Marketing Tool

  1. I do not think that customer behavior tracking breaks the privacy act issued by our government because once a person puts their information on the internet, it is no longer private. Also, the tracking does not take any seriously personal information, mainly just interests.
  2. I do not mind this as much as most people are because they are doing strictly for advertising purposes. I would rather have ads pop up that relate to my interests than have ads pop up that are just obnoxious and I will not care to look at at ll.
  3. I do believe that interactive ads are a good marketing tool. It gets the viewer interested in the ad in a fun way. This can get them to click on the ad and go to the actual website.

HTML5 Banners, Facebook Integration & GPS Advertising – 2012 Predictions

  1. I do not think that it will be as hard as the article states to implement HTML5 banners onto websites. It is already happening and once people get a hang of how it all works, it will be easy for them.
  2. I do think it is sneaky of companies to use your information to target your personal likes, leading you to end up buying something you did not really need, but it is a pretty smart strategy. I know I would rather prefer to see ads for something I am interested in rather than something I couldn’t care less about. If people are worried that it these types of ads will cause them to buy things they don’t need, then all they have to do is learn self-control, but for the company, I think this is a great advertising strategy.
  3. I would not enjoy having GPS advertising. I feel like it would be the same as pop up ads, but they would be popping up with you everywhere, not just on the internet. I would not enjoy this type of advertising and it would not make me feel pressured to go into the store.