Article Questions for Megan

HTML5 Banners, Facebook Integration & GPS Advertising – 2012 Predictions

  1. Do you think people would be happy about ads that are targeted towards their interests even though it is taking information from their Facebook?
  2. Do you think it is worth for people to stop using flash and use HTML5 instead?
  3. Do you think people will find GPS advertising beneficial or would they just be annoyed by it?

Interactive Media as a Marketing Tool

  1. Do you think people are uncomfortable with their privacy being invaded with customer behavior tracking?
  2. Do you agree that the interactivity of ads is very beneficial for companies?
  3. Do you think interactive ads is effective on television?

Irrelevant Pop-Up Ads A Major Irritant to Consumers

  1. Why do you think companies use pop-up ads even though most people find them annoying?
  2. Are ads on TV, websites, and emails effective even though most people find them annoying?
  3. Can you relate to the people in this survey and are you one of those people who get annoyed by ads?

Re-Thinking In-Line Linking

  1. Where do you think the most successful location for an ad would be on a website?
  2. How do you seek information on the web?
  3. Do you agree with the main purposes of links that were listed?

Questions for Megan

1. Do you want a similar design to the website you already created? Or do you want a completely different look?

2. Since you said that you would want 5-7 pages on this website, what are the pages you want? Contact, work, home, etc…

3. Do you have a color scheme and any typefaces in mind?

4. Do you want a top horizontal menu bar or a side vertical bar? Do you want drop down buttons on the menu bar?

5. Do you want Facebook or Twitter button links?