Missing Content Needed from Megan!

I need the following content:

  1. Resume content (text) and designed resume pdf if you want to add it as a link
  2. Content for Home page
  3. Copy text for About page
  4. What you want in side bars

Answers for Megan

1. What color scheme are you looking for? How many different colors? Could I have the color codes to be exact?

I would like cool colors like blues and greens. Also white and black are always good.

2. How many pages do you want? 3? – Work, Resume, and Contact Info. Do you want these pages broken up? For example: if you do different media types such as photography, illustration, ect.

Home. About. Resume. Work > Graphic Design, Fine Art, Photography. Contact.

3. For your contact page-do you want them to be able to just directly click a button to email you?

Don’t show my email address, have a email link button.

4. Would you like me to leave space for a potential logo addition?

I can give you the logo I currently have, but I might send you a different one to witch it out with.

Typefaces: I would like serif for a lot of copy text and sans-serif for titles and bigger text. For sans I like fonts like Helvetica Neue, Futura, Frutiger, I really like condensed fonts. For serif I’m not picky at all so whatever you think looks good (I do really like Abril, but I don’t think the lab has it so no biggie).

Questions for Megan

1. Do you want a similar design to the website you already created? Or do you want a completely different look?

2. Since you said that you would want 5-7 pages on this website, what are the pages you want? Contact, work, home, etc…

3. Do you have a color scheme and any typefaces in mind?

4. Do you want a top horizontal menu bar or a side vertical bar? Do you want drop down buttons on the menu bar?

5. Do you want Facebook or Twitter button links?

Client Survey

Client Survey

The following questionnaire is designed to give us all the information we need to commence your project. We realize there is a lot of information here, but we ask that you please answer as fully as possible, as this will serve as the basis for defining the project going forward.

Please provide relevant information for the business, organization, or individual associated with this project:

Company / Organization Name: Michelle Baker

Present URL (If any):

Street Address:


State: New Jersey



Please provide the following information about yourself:

Full Name: Michelle Baker

Job Title or Role: Graphic Design Student


Email: bakerm8@mail.montclair.edu

How do you prefer to be communicated with:  Email   Phone

Email please!

Will you be the primary contact for the project? If not, please provide the name and contact information for that person or people. This person will be responsible for providing content and images for the site, and giving or obtaining sign-off on all stages of the project.

Yes I will be the primary contact!

Who will maintain the site after launch? What is their experience with Web technologies?

I will be maintaining the site after launch. This class is my only web technology experience.

Describe your business or organization:

I am a student graphic designer.

Specifically describe the concept, product or service this site is intended to provide or promote:

This site will be a portfolio site with my work, resume, and contact information for future interviews and design positions.

Does this concept, product or service have and existing logo or branding?

I do have a logo, however it will probably change eventually, but probably after this project so don’t worry about it.

List ten words that you feel best evoke the spirit, philosophy, or brand or the business or organization, product or service:

1.  Minimalistic
2.  Organized
3.  Clean
4.  Simple
5.  Contemporary
6.  Easy to understand
7.  Smooth
8.  Calm
9.  Quirky
10. Professional

Using adjectives and short phrases, describe the site’s desired look and feel. (“Easy to look at, edgy, classic, up-to-date, crisp, modern, traditional, understated,” etc.)

Minimalistic, easy to look at, clean, organized, chic boutique?, quirky, professional

Please list 3-5 Web sites whose design or functionality you like, and describe why:

http://forefathersgroup.com/ <– I like the type, colors, and background used. The decoration is really nice as well.

http://cafeevoke.com/ <&#8211; I like the simple design to this as well as the colors.

http://sundaybestdesigns.com/ <&#8211; this one is my favorite of these 3. I really like the minimalistic design, colors, and type. I like the contrast of san serif headers and serif body copy as well as the script used in the buttons. I like how certain areas on the site are separated by colors. I also like how the navigation bar scrolls with you, although I think it would work better on the side so it doesn’t cover any information when you scroll.

Please list 3-5 Web sites whose design or functionality you don’t like, and describe why:

http://thespace.org/ <&#8211; This feels very cluttered and unorganized. I also don’t like how each button in the navigation bar is a different color. It is very distracting.

http://landor.com/ <&#8211; even though this is very organized, I feel like there is too much going on and the viewer wouldn’t know what to look at or do.

http://www.premiumpixels.com/ <&#8211; This one is minimalistic but there does not seem to be any style or uniqueness to it. It is a little too bland

Does the business or organization currently have a Web site?


If this is a new site, please describe why you feel you need a Web site and what the primary goal of the site is:

This site will be a portfolio site with my work, resume, and contact information for future interviews and design positions.

Who within your organization will be a user of the site?

I will be the only user.

What will be the primary actions that they need to accomplish on the site? (ie- updating content, reading customer feedback, etc)

Mostly updating content, like adding design pieces and work or adding to the resume.

Who outside your organization will be a user of the site (ie – customers, clients, partners, etc) Be as specific as possible, and describe their relationship to you.

Potential employers will be the ones using my site.

What will be the primary actions that these users need to accomplish on the site? (Examples include: becoming a member, subscribing to a newsletter, reading editorial content.)

The only thing they could do is to look through my work and contact me through email and links.

Would it be possible to interview sample users for your site, or to use them as testers in later stages of the project?

It could be, but I feel like that is a little over the top since this would simply be a portfolio/resume site.

Have you already registered a URL for this site? If so, what is it?

No, not yet.

Do you already have a hosting company for this site? If so, please provide the username / password and FTP access information.

No, not yet

Do you have access to visitor statistics for you site? Can you provide them to us, or access to the online statistics?


Does your site plan include community features, such as a user discussion forum? If so, do you have the appropriate personnel to manage such a forum on a daily basis?

No, if a user wants to make a comment they can contact me through email.

Does your plan include media-intensive components, such as streaming video?

No, it will have image though.

In number of pages, what is the approximate estimated size of your site? (Twelve carefully designed portfolio pages? Thousands of dynamic pages delivered by a content management system?)

4 – 6 pages

Will this project include an e-commerce component such as an online store?


Have you already created the site’s content (ie – text, images, movie files, etc) If not, how soon could you provide it?

Yes, I have text and images.

How often do you anticipate needing to update the site?

Maybe every other month or so.