Web Development Process and Client Relationship Critique

Web Development Process
I am very happy with how the website turned out. It has improved so much over the past month. It is very clean, simple, and elegant with cool colorsĀ  just how I wanted from the beginning. It is easy to understand, use, and navigate through. I especially like how the portfolio page is the home page, since that is what potential employers will want to see first. It is also nice having a slide show of some of my work on the portfolio page. The only thing I would want differently is for certain projects in the portfolio pages to be grouped together so when you click on them, you can page through all the images for that one project.


Client RelationshipThe client/designer relationship was very good. The client kept in contact and answered questions within a reasonable timeframe if not immediately. To improve the client/designer relationship, a timeframe could be set to work together and get instant feedback instead of being questioned or answered when one was not currently working on the project.