• very clean and simple
  • organized nicely in grid
  • should get rid of second contact section on contact page
  • define what he is (graphic designer)
  • hard to read rollovers on images



  • very busy background (also get rid of white lines showing)
  • get rid of comments
  • make contact page last button
  • black boxes (on bottom and on drop down menus) are too dark and heavy for this design (eyes drawn straight to bottom)
  • add imagery to home page
  • images need to be the same sizes


Meghan D.

  • nice grid and color scheme
  • sketchbook page is a great idea
  • footer seems a little overwhelming though I understand you want his contact and about on every page



  • background is very distracting
  • nav bar buttons hard to see
  • text really hard to read
  • social media buttons effect is very distracting
  • get rid of comments



  • should add more images to take up more space
  • nice how resume and website look related
  • clean and simple



  • make header, name, and logo darker so it’s actually noticeable without rolling over it
  • make social media icons fit better with feel and design of website (light, clean, and dainty
  • contact page is unnecessarily long



  • very gray which gives a depressing and dreary feel
  • header looks like part of the browser’s header not the website’s
  • too much in footer
  • can’t read purple text
  • don’t need names of social media typed out, just use icons
  • does not feel like your client at all



  • fits your client’s style very well
  • hard to read text when you roll over on nav bar
  • centered type on resume does not work
  • header does not fit with the feel of the client and the rest of the website



  • too many red lines
  • don’t like the typeface of page titles
  • the gray boxes around images and text should be deleted and just put text on black background
  • text runs to the edges of the box, add margins/padding
  • get simpler social media icons


Megan N.

  • red in footer is hard to read
  • logo too close to corner of blue
  • does not feel like client
  • about needs to be designed better, maybe make text in columns and add imagery
  • don’t really like the nav bar folder tab look


Megan P.

  • footer is too big
  • make logo different color that stands out better



  • his logo looks like adobe icons
  • the different colors are too much, stick to one or two colors and use different tones
  • does not have feel of client
  • get rid of comments
  • use different social media icons

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