Critique For Kevin Shanley

Michelle Baker
Interactive Multimedia
March 22, 2013
WordPress Critiques

Critique for Kevin Shanley

The theme chosen for Angela Bunnicant’s website is light, dainty, and utilizes space well. It does not seem too much as a theme, but more as an actual personal website. It is very appealing, however there are some changes I would recommend to improve it further. The header, which contains Angela’s logo, name, and navigation bar is not noticeable enough. It should be made darker so you do not have to roll over it in order to actually see and read it. The social networking buttons effect is very distracting and quite annoying. It moves from the top left of the screen to the bottom right every single time you go to a different page. It is unnecessary and takes away from the design and content of the website. The design of the social media buttons also do not seem to fit with the design of the website. I understand that you wanted a paper feel to them like the website already has, however the “popping out of the paper” effect seems a bit cheesy. I feel that the buttons should have the same light and dainty feel as the website itself. Also, it seems like there are too many widgets. When you click the arrow to show them, it is a bit overwhelming by how many there are. It can be limited to only a few important widgets. Some of the images could be better quality like the NJ PAC ad and the Ben & Jerry’s ad. It would also be nice to see an about page or some information about Angela in the page where the “Me” circle brings you to. I also do not really understand the landing page. I do not get the point of having those three works in a circle. I think it would be better if maybe you made the circles what you have in the navigations bar. For example, the five circles could be set up like “About, Resume, Contact, Portfolio, Welcome.”

Good luck and I hope this helps!

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