Critique for Jesus Valencia

Michelle Baker
Interactive Multimedia
March 22, 2013
WordPress Critiques

Critique for Jesus Valencia

The theme chosen for Jade Renn’s website is set up to a grid, simple, and responsive. It brings you directly to her portfolio, which is very nice since that is the most important part of the website. The website is already very well designed, however I have some suggestions to take into consideration. The side navigations bar on the left of the page would look more structured if it was centered to the logo above it, but still kept left aligned. It also seems a bit uncomfortable for the portfolio link in that navigations bar to be the only one in that green color while the rest are gray and in the same size and weight. I understand that you want to show that the portfolio page is the most important page, but since the home page is the portfolio page the viewer already understands that it is important and does not need to be told again where to go. I also am wondering if the portfolio link in that navigations bar is necessary since the home page button, or logo, takes you there. I also think there should be some more of that green color in the design since it is a very nice and appealing color. Maybe the rollovers of the images can be that green with the opacity down just like it is now with the gray color. It would also be nicer to see the page filled with more work so it takes up the screen a bit more to make it visibly appealing. A resume page should also be added with the resume typed on it as well as a pdf download of the resume file. The comment sections on the pages should be discarded, which can be done by downloading the “Disable Comments” plugin.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

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