Answers for Megan

1. What color scheme are you looking for? How many different colors? Could I have the color codes to be exact?

I would like cool colors like blues and greens. Also white and black are always good.

2. How many pages do you want? 3? – Work, Resume, and Contact Info. Do you want these pages broken up? For example: if you do different media types such as photography, illustration, ect.

Home. About. Resume. Work > Graphic Design, Fine Art, Photography. Contact.

3. For your contact page-do you want them to be able to just directly click a button to email you?

Don’t show my email address, have a email link button.

4. Would you like me to leave space for a potential logo addition?

I can give you the logo I currently have, but I might send you a different one to witch it out with.

Typefaces: I would like serif for a lot of copy text and sans-serif for titles and bigger text. For sans I like fonts like Helvetica Neue, Futura, Frutiger, I really like condensed fonts. For serif I’m not picky at all so whatever you think looks good (I do really like Abril, but I don’t think the lab has it so no biggie).


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